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Let's be the change we want 

in our community!

I am deeply honored to announce my candidacy for the role of your mayor! Alongside my wife, Carrie, and our beloved children, Cami, Beck, and Spencer, we've had the privilege of calling Shaker Heights our home for over a decade. During this time, our vibrant community has filled our lives with countless moments of joy, meaning, and unexpected blessings. It's thanks to all of you that our roots have firmly taken hold here, laying the foundation for our family's journey.

As they say, it takes a village, and we firmly believe there's no better village, no better community of remarkable individuals, to raise our family alongside and to grow old with than Shaker Heights!


Progress for Shaker Heights

My mission is simple: to make Shaker Heights a better community. I believe that by working together, we can create a community that is equitable, forward-thinking, and successful. My approach is grounded in collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. I am dedicated to serving the people of Shaker Heights and I will work tirelessly to ensure that our village is a place where everyone can thrive.


In 2011, we moved our family from Miami, Florida to Shaker Heights for my job, President and Managing Partner of the Exacta Family of Survey Companies. That year, my business partners and I decided to move all of our back-end administration and operations from Miami, FL to downtown Cleveland.  After a year of renting in Shaker Heights, my family and I decided to make it our home.  We like to say we came for the job, but stayed for the people.  


After a total of 14 years with Exacta, in 2019, my business partners and I decided to sell.  Over that time, our operations grew from one employee to over 150 employees with many different contracted vendors.  While many important lessons were learned along the way, we also had a ton of fun.  It would be impossible to list all of the many innovations we achieved through our many years, but needless to say we were creative and broke the mold of the land survey companies who had come before us. 


After we sold the company, I found myself with an opportunity to focus on my own growth.  I enrolled in Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead Part Time MBA Program.  While there, I was able to meet some amazing leaders and teachers and hone my business and leadership skills.  Also in 2020, I invested in two companies: Generational Fittings and Mika Metal Fabricating.  Under our leadership, both companies have created value and experienced tremendous growth.  Currently, I sit on the board of Exacta Land Surveyors, LLC, and I am the Chairman of Generational Fittings and Mika Metal Fabricating.  While I’m engaged in the business metrics and leadership, my incredible partners run the day-to-day operations of our businesses.  Gratefully, I have time to focus on other passions.



If you give me the opportunity to be your Mayor, my top priority will be to increase the pace of progress in Shaker Heights. I promise to take what I’ve learned in the business world and put those tools to work for our City. My leadership style leans into transparency, communication, engagement, creativity, innovation, vision building, priority setting, goal setting, measuring results, coaching, finding and solving issues, and taking action. We will only get one chance every four years to steer the direction of our city. Let’s plan for the future, but let’s make today great too!

Shaker Heights Community Involvement

Shaker Schools Foundation - Board of Trustees (2022-present)

Level the Playing Field Fund - Founder

Shaker Heights Youth Lacrosse - Coach, Founding Board Member, Treasurer

Shaker Youth Football League - Coach, Founding Board Member, Treasurer

Shaker Youth Hockey Association - Volunteer Board (2016-present)

Shaker Sports Boosters - Co-President (2021-2022), Fundraising Chair (2019-2021)

Shaker Heights Country Club - (Treasurer 2019-2021, Board of Directors total of 6 years)

Boulevard Elementary PTO - Treasurer (2017-2018)

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